SingularityU Global Impact Challenges (GICs) are incentive competitions organized by partners in countries around the world to identify innovative startups & solutions using exponential technology to solve the world’s pressing challenges.

The winner of the SingularityU Poland Global Impact Challenge wins a seat to attend SU’s   Global Startup Program  
And the winner of 2019 SingularityU Global Impact Challenge is  Jakub Świerk  

Edrop is a tool that helps people be more conscious users of this precious resource that is water. On the one hand it’s the simplicity of the idea, on the other the reach potential - because that’s the idea of the whole Singularity Project - to reach 1 bln people in 10 years. So I think that was something that decided the choice.

 The devices itself is simply mounted on the tap or shower. It has an LED interface that communicates with a user in a visual way. But the most important part is the app that helps us track users’ behaviour, analyse it, learn from it and give advice on how to save water.


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